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Independent Publishers meet Independent Bookstores By, Connie Dunn

Independent Publishers Meet Independent Bookstores

Guest Blog

by Connie Dunn


“Independent Publishers” meet “Independent Bookstores” for a match that must have been made in “Book Heaven!”


With the big box bookstores like Borders going under and others closing locations don’t be afraid that bookstores are becoming extinct! No, quite the contrary! We are reverting back to the “Ma and Pa” days of independently run bookstores. No two are alike. What a concept!


These stores tend to be quite a bit smaller with a smaller inventory, but they bring a unique friendliness about them. I love walking into places, such as Ugly Dog Books in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where you browse, converse, and even bring your kids to story time with an Ugly Dog puppet who keeps you company!


As an “Indie” author and publisher, I have made it my mission to seek out small independent book stores. I know I haven’t devoted as much time to this as I’d like, but there’s always tomorrow.


For published authors, independent bookstores are much more willing to take your book and put it on their shelves. You become partners with these bookstores. The books are on consignment, so it doesn’t cost the bookstore to keep it on the shelf. You gain because each time a different bookstore takes your book, you have another opportunity to sell your book.


As a consumer, independent bookstores bring you more diversity in book selections, because they do partner with authors. Most of the time, these authors are local people, which makes it even more unique. Sometimes, you even get to meet them and purchase a signed copy during a book signing event.


It’s a win-win for everyone: consumer, author, and bookstore owner. Take a walk on the independent side and check out your local independent bookstore and discover American enterprise is well and strong!



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