Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Every Wednesday at 9:30am it's Story Time!!!  Come over for a great story and a craft.

Tuesday 4- Creative Writing Workshop.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 6- Thirty One Shopping Party.  Welcome Jessica Dufour in her new business venture.  6pm- 8pm.  Bring a friend.

Thursday 13- Journal Writing.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 20- Author of the month Violet Wilson will be here signing her books 6pm- 7pm!

Thursday 20- Creative Writing Workshop.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Saturday 22- EFT/ Tapping Event for Self-Empowerment...given by Susan Kinney.  Susan@K2HealingArts.com  9am- 12pm.  What is EFT?  Emotional Freedom Technique.  It is a remarkable self-healing technique.  Learning EFT/ Tapping empowers you to deal with events of daily life, as well as releasing whatever is holding you back from your highest and best self.  This interactive class teaches the basics of EFT/ Tapping so you can begin incorporating it into your life immediately.  Class size is limited.  $45.00  Must Register.

Tuesday 25- Journal Writing.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 27- Experience Zentangle.   Come and enjoy an evening of relaxation and fun with certified Zentangle instructor Cathy Corcoran.  Learn the process of "Tangling," a meditative art form that is unique and exciting tool for accessing and encouraging quiet mind while creating beautifully patterned paper tiles.  ABSOLUTELY NO ART OR CREATIVE TRAINING REQUIRED.  Must register.  Class comes with a Zentangle starter kit.  $40.00   7pm-9pm

Friday 28- Artist/ Author Showcase 6pm-7pm.  Come meet the new talent for the month of JULY!


Thursday, May 9, 2013


It's MAY already!!!  Someone called today for the events in May and I was Shocked to realize...HELLO  me it's the second week of MAY!  Forgive me for this delay.  (and I'm a poet, and didn't know it...LOL)

Tuesday 2  Author Signing.  Kristen Calenda was here signing her book "Nubiana".  I stll have the book for sale.

Tuesday 7 was a writing shop.

TUESDAY 14 author Nichole Bernier will be here at 7:00pm signing & reading from her book "The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D."  (Bring a friend...this is one NOT to miss)

Thursday 16 Journal Writing Workshop  7pm- 9pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Tuesday 21  Book Discussion on "The Unfinished Work of Elizabeth D."  7pm - 8pm

Friday 24  Book Club Field Trip:  Movie to see 'The Great Gatsby."

Tuesday 28  Journal Writing Workshop  7pm- 9pm  Must Register.  $10.00

Friday 31  Artist/ Author Showcase  6pm- 7pm  Come meet the new artist/ author of the month.