Wednesday, October 5, 2011


Door opens, Ding goes the walks negative energy.
"Opening a bookstore in a recession, do you think that's a good idea?" The blank stare of negativity stares at me.
I smile. "Of course it's a great time."
Negativity stares some more. I wonder what it wants...

The other day wind blew in some negative energy...
" You do realize Borders just closed?" The blank stare returns.
I smile. "Yes, I know that."
Negativity stares some more. I wonder what it means...

Sure, times are tough. When is the good time or right time to open a business? Or paint a picture? Write a book? Build a house? Buy a house?

"Live the life you imagined." Henry David Thoureau said that. And that is what I am doing. I am driving to work every day with a smile. I am able to touch and hold books daily. I am able to share the love of books with everyone that walks in the door (negative energy need not come in). I am able to create book clubs, writing nights, writing work shops, open mic nights. I am able to inspire creativity and get inspired in return.

My grandfather set the phrase...PACE. Positive Attitude Changes Everything. With a positive attitude I opened Ugly Dog Books.

"Ding" goes the bell..."Hi, Welcome to Ugly Dog Books."

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