Tuesday, November 5, 2013

November Events

Give a shout of THANKS for all you have!

Nov. 5  VOTE

Nov. 6 Holiday Zentangle  7pm-9pm  $40.00  Must Register

Nov. 7 Creative Writing Workshop  7pm-9pm  $10.00  Must Register

Nov. 12  Journal Writing Workshop  7pm-9pm  $10.00  Must Register

Nov. 13 De-Stress with this workshop.  Learn a technique called "Tapping" or EFT.  6pm-7pm  $10.00  Must Register.  Call for more details.

Nov. 14  Vendor Fair.  Start your holiday shopping at the DAWG!  Light goodies will be served.  Fill your belly as you shop.  Bring a friend and both of you will get entered into our raffle.  6pm-8pm

Nov. 19  Book Discussion

Nov. 21  Creative Writing Workshop  7pm-9pm  $10.00  Must Register

Nov. 26  Journal Writing Workshop  7pm-9pm  $10.00 Must Register

Nov. 27  Story Time w/ a craft to follow

Nov. 28 Happy Thanksgiving to all.  WOOF

Nov. 30  Small "BIZ" Saturday.  Shop Local and Support Small Business!!!

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

What month is IT! OCTOBER

I love the fall!

Thursday Oct. 3 Creative Writing Workshop  7- 9 pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Friday Oct. 4 Sleepy Time PJ Party.  Bring your best loved sleepy time friend and wear your PJs.  Listen to a story and do a fun craft.  Must Register by 10/3.  For ages 5-10.  $10.00 and 1/2 off sibling.

Tuesday Oct. 8 Author Juliette Fay will be here doing a book reading,& signing.  Her latest book "The Shortest Way Home" & "Shelter Me" will be on sale.  Great girls night out!  Event will begin at 7pm.

Thursday Oct. 10  Journal Writing Workshop 7- 9 pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Tuesday Oct. 15 Book Discussion   7pm till 8pm

Wednesday Oct. 16  Come over for a Healthy Living Seminar with Dee Davidson.  6:30 pm till 8pm.  FREE

Thursday Oct. 17  Creative Writing Workshop  7-9 pm.  Must Register.  $10.00
Bring your inner POE to this one!!

Saturday Oct. 19 TEENS bring your inner POE... we will write 8pm till 9pm.  Creative Haunted Writing Workshop.  Bring your scare!  Must Register.  $10.00

Tuesday Oct. 22  Journal Writing Workshop  7-9 pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Thursday Oct. 24  ZENTANGLE for beginners.  Don't miss this.  It's fun and relaxing.  Call for details.  $40.00 w/ kit.  Must register.

Friday Oct. 25 Author Lisa Graves  will be here doing a book signing.  "History of Witches"

Saturday Oct. 26 Author Helen Chin Lui will be here doing a book signing. "Through My Mommy's Belly."

Tuesday Oct. 29 Creative Writing Workshop  7- 9pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Wednesday Oct. 30  Story Time w/ a craft.  9:30 am.  All Ages.  Wear a Costume if you'd like.


Wednesday, September 4, 2013

September Events


Join us in celebrating on Saturday 7th. 

Saturday 7th Come meet author A. J Paquette.  She wrote several Young Adult and Children books.  She'll be here signing at 11 a.m!  Don't miss it.  And it's our Birthday!

Thursday 12  Journal Writing Workshop  7pm.- 9 pm.  Must Register.  Cost $10.00

Tuesday 17 Book Discussion  7pm- 8pm

Thursday 19 Creative Writing Workshop   7pm- 9pm  Must Register.  Cost $10.00

Friday 20  Attleboro Big Read  "True Grit" Book Discussion   6pm - 7pm

Tuesday 24  Journal Writing Workshop  7pm- 9pm  Must Register.  Cost $10.00

Wednesday 25 STORY TIME.  (now on the last Wed. of each month)  Come listen to a story and do a fun craft!  Any age. 

Friday 27  Artist/ Author Showcase.  Come meet the new talent for the month of October.  6pm- 7pm

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

August Events

Can the summer be moving along any faster....forgive my delay.

Thursday 1 Journal Writing  7 till 9 pm.  Must register. $10.00

Tuesday 6 Creative Writing Workshop  7 till 9 pm.   Must Register.  $10.00

Wednesday 7 Children's Author will be here at 9:30am doing Story Time

Wednesday 14 Children's Author will be back for another reading! 9:30 Story Time.

Thursday 15 Creative Writing Workshop 7 till 9pm.  Must register.  $10.00

Friday 16 Author Portia Gray Goffigan will be here signing her book, "Miz Catfish" 6pm till 7pm

Tuesday 20 Book Discussion.  7pm

Thursday 22 Journal Writing  7 till 9 pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

HOUR CHANGES (for vacation).... Saturday 24 Closed
                                                           Monday  26 Closed
                                                           Tuesday 27, Wednesday 28, Thursday 29, Friday 30 OPEN 10-3
                                                            Saturday 31 Closed
                                                            Monday September 2 Closed
WOOF and Enjoy the rest of the SUMMER!

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Independent Publishers meet Independent Bookstores By, Connie Dunn

Independent Publishers Meet Independent Bookstores

Guest Blog

by Connie Dunn


“Independent Publishers” meet “Independent Bookstores” for a match that must have been made in “Book Heaven!”


With the big box bookstores like Borders going under and others closing locations don’t be afraid that bookstores are becoming extinct! No, quite the contrary! We are reverting back to the “Ma and Pa” days of independently run bookstores. No two are alike. What a concept!


These stores tend to be quite a bit smaller with a smaller inventory, but they bring a unique friendliness about them. I love walking into places, such as Ugly Dog Books in Attleboro, Massachusetts, where you browse, converse, and even bring your kids to story time with an Ugly Dog puppet who keeps you company!


As an “Indie” author and publisher, I have made it my mission to seek out small independent book stores. I know I haven’t devoted as much time to this as I’d like, but there’s always tomorrow.


For published authors, independent bookstores are much more willing to take your book and put it on their shelves. You become partners with these bookstores. The books are on consignment, so it doesn’t cost the bookstore to keep it on the shelf. You gain because each time a different bookstore takes your book, you have another opportunity to sell your book.


As a consumer, independent bookstores bring you more diversity in book selections, because they do partner with authors. Most of the time, these authors are local people, which makes it even more unique. Sometimes, you even get to meet them and purchase a signed copy during a book signing event.


It’s a win-win for everyone: consumer, author, and bookstore owner. Take a walk on the independent side and check out your local independent bookstore and discover American enterprise is well and strong!



Connie Dunn is taking a Virtual Book Tour promoting “Press Release Made Easy” (www.conniedunnbooks.com/books/press-releases-made-easy) visit her Blog at www.conniedunnbooks.com/blog/ or Events Page at www.conniedunnbooks.com/events/ . Follow Connie on her tour from July 1-21. On the 21st, a Trivia Quiz will be posted to her Blogl Prizes will be awarded for the first six people. For details see www.conniedunnbooks.com/events/trivia-contest/


Connie Dunn, Book Writing and Publishing Coach
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Monday, July 8, 2013

JULY Events

Happy July.  We were closed for Vacation July 1-7  WOOF!

Don't forget, Every Wednesday at 9:30 is Story Time with a craft.  All Ages!

Thursday 11  Creative Writing Workshop.  7 till 9pm.  Must Register.  $10.00

Tuesday 16  Book Discussion  7 till 8pm

Wednesday 17  Special Guest!  Author M.L. Boots will be here reading and signing her book "Just a Step Outside Your Door..."  9:30 am

Thursday 18  FREE seminar with Dee Davidson.  "Keeping your life free of Toxins."  6 till 7:30pm

Friday 19  Author Penny Piva will be doing a book signing.  6 till 7 pm

Tuesday 23  Journal Workshop.  7 till 9pm.  Must register.  $10.00

WEDNESDAY 24  Author of  "FAT ANGIE", E.E. Charlton- Trujillo will be here signing at 6pm.  Don't miss this.  She put Attleboro as one of her stops on her book tour!  She's been all over the country this summer!  WOOF!!!!  I can NOT wait to meet her.  Come on and get in line with me.  She'll do a reading and question and answer too.

Thursday 25  ZENTANGLE is back.  Call for details.  I did the first workshop and I'm hooked!  It's fun and relaxing.  Don't miss this.  7 till 9pm.  Must register.  $40.00 comes with your Zentangle kit.

Friday 26  Artist/ Author Showcase.  6 till 7pm

Tuesday 30  Creative Writing Workshop.  Must Register.  7 till 9 pm.  $10.00

Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Every Wednesday at 9:30am it's Story Time!!!  Come over for a great story and a craft.

Tuesday 4- Creative Writing Workshop.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 6- Thirty One Shopping Party.  Welcome Jessica Dufour in her new business venture.  6pm- 8pm.  Bring a friend.

Thursday 13- Journal Writing.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 20- Author of the month Violet Wilson will be here signing her books 6pm- 7pm!

Thursday 20- Creative Writing Workshop.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Saturday 22- EFT/ Tapping Event for Self-Empowerment...given by Susan Kinney.  Susan@K2HealingArts.com  9am- 12pm.  What is EFT?  Emotional Freedom Technique.  It is a remarkable self-healing technique.  Learning EFT/ Tapping empowers you to deal with events of daily life, as well as releasing whatever is holding you back from your highest and best self.  This interactive class teaches the basics of EFT/ Tapping so you can begin incorporating it into your life immediately.  Class size is limited.  $45.00  Must Register.

Tuesday 25- Journal Writing.  Must Register.  $10.00  7pm till 9pm

Thursday 27- Experience Zentangle.   Come and enjoy an evening of relaxation and fun with certified Zentangle instructor Cathy Corcoran.  Learn the process of "Tangling," a meditative art form that is unique and exciting tool for accessing and encouraging quiet mind while creating beautifully patterned paper tiles.  ABSOLUTELY NO ART OR CREATIVE TRAINING REQUIRED.  Must register.  Class comes with a Zentangle starter kit.  $40.00   7pm-9pm

Friday 28- Artist/ Author Showcase 6pm-7pm.  Come meet the new talent for the month of JULY!